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DHA, The Project of Pakistan Army:

The housing society is one of the most famous residential societies of Pakistan brought to you by the Pakistan army.

With cutting-edge features and up-to-date technology.

DHA has maintained its standards ever since its inception and continues to be of the utmost significance.

DHA Bahawalpur, A society:

DHA Bahawalpur is a mega project by the Pakistan army. This project is a success itself and can bring a lot of new ideas.

DHA Bahawalpur offers various facilities and gives a lot of chances to increase investment opportunities in DHA Bahawalpur which is beneficial for the economy of the country.

It has been shaping the notion of a superior community lifestyle ever since its foundation.

As a result, DHA has become synonymous with building and establishing residences and communities for a diverse population.

Furthermore, DHA is increasing at a steady rate, with a greater emphasis on dependability in community development.

Dha Bahawalpur plot for sale:

There are a plethora of DHA Bahawalpur plots for sale.

DHA Bahawalpur plots for sale include 4 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, residential, and other commercial plots with varying costs.

DHA Bahawalpur prices are not too high. Having landed in such an atmosphere with such low expenses is a real comfort.

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Method and prices: 

Plots in DHA Bahawalpur are present at different prices.

04125 Lacs
1036.50 Lacs
20 55-56 lacs
  • The price of land in sector A is between 60-95 lacs. In Sector B, is between 52 to 70 lacs, In Sector C is between 30-40 Lacs.
  • 1 Kanal plot in sector D is between 52 to 60 lacs. And 10 Marla in the same sector, is between 35 to 45 lacs.
  • The range of sector E lies between 28 to 35 lacs. 1 Kanal plot in sector F is between the range of 52 to 65 lacs.
  • And the price of 10 Marla in the same sector is somewhere between 30 – 35 lacs.
  • The price of the plot in sector G is between 57-65 lacs, in sector H, it is between 58 to 68 lacs, in sector J, it is between 58-68 lacs. In sector N, 58 to 70 lacs.

Facilities in Dha Bahawalpur:  

DHA is famous because of its high living standards. DHA Bahawalpur is providing great luxuries for its residents. Numerous facilities in DHA Bahawalpur are making lives much easier.

DHA Bahawalpur is located on the Southern Bypass.

The housing society is providing great health facilities by providing some great hospitals and clinics.

Society has its electricity supplying plants that provide electricity to the whole housing society.

Society has a golf course and clubs. It provides high-quality education both primary and secondary.

DHA Bahawalpur has both residential and commercial plots of 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20 marlas.

Not everyone can have access but only educated and well-mannered people live which helps in keeping the environment free from any sort of problem.

Roads are so clean and wide. Society has a lot of greenery and planted trees which makes society look so beautiful.

Society has its Mosques, graveyards, parks, shopping malls, and whatnot.

Payment method: 

The payment plan is straightforward. You have the option to pay at once or using the Dha Bahawalpur payment plan. You may pay the sum in instalments over a certain length of time with the use of instalment.

Instalment boosts customers’ buying power and attracts large investments.

Why invest in DHA Bahawalpur?

DHA has been one of Pakistan’s largest residential areas. It offers first-rate communal living. DHA offers magnificent and sophisticated housing communities to a varied population.

DHA is becoming ever more prominent now than ever. It has turned into a highly dependable housing authority.

Following the success of such initiatives in those other Pakistan metropolitan areas, DHA is also beginning to form in Bahawalpur City.

DHA Bahawalpur intends to give customers from all areas of life such living conditions at a decent cost.

DHA Bahawalpur has Constrained Accessibility of Plots. It will result in high demand for plots with great investment rates, a prestigious location with exceedingly discounted pricing is the primary reason.

Lahore is Pakistan’s key business hub, screams for itself when received an amazing response on the disclosure of prices.

DHA Bahawalpur balloting:

DHA Bahawalpur balloting will help to get the plots so easily and to participate in DHA Bahawalpur plot balloting, it needs a few forms, your CNIC, and contact numbers.

DHA Bahawalpur is also providing facilities to address queries through online and manual forms.

DHA Bahawalpur Map: 

DHA Bahawalpur is located near Bahawalpur international airport and it is also near N5 GT road, Dha Bahawalpur map is so wide.

It includes several blocks, sectors, mosques, parks, malls, and villas.

DHA Bahawalpur development charges:

DHA Bahawalpur development charges are different for both residential and commercial plots.

DHA Bahawalpur office: 

DHA Bahawalpur is providing great customer service offers.

DHA Bahawalpur office deals with all customer-related queries and concerns.


It is time to start investing for a brighter future. Investing in these housing societies is the wisest investment anyone can make.

DHA Bahawalpur housing society is one of DHA’s big developments that offers all the amenities a person may like just like others i.e. DHA Gujranwala, DHA Quetta, DHA Multan, DHA Faislabad.

We are here to give you with every information and bit of data you need about investing, selling, and acquiring.

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